Helping Florida's First Coast children and adults with disabilities

254 Families Assisted By The JT Townsend Foundation.

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Through this Foundation, we plan to better the lives of others with disabilities.

Our mission is to help families living right here on our First Coast, with children and adults with disabilities, by providing adaptive equipment or comprehensive financial assistance.We help families take the next first step by providing expensive medically approved equipment available to make living with a disabled child or family member as easy as possible even when insurance /medicaid denies payment. We have helped with wheelchair ramps, standers, cruisers and even pool heaters!We understand the uncertainty that accompanies a disability from an injury or a serious medical diagnosis. And, we are here to help you focus on your child or family members well being not the financial burden you face.

Our staff is waiting to help you quickly and efficiently with your needs.

The Mission

The JTTF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to better the lives of children and adults with disabilities on the First Coast by providing financial assistance, adaptive equipment, and research funding.

The Vision

Fusing the resources, finances and spirit of those with disabilities to take their next first step.


We appreciate your interest in JTTF. Through this Foundation, we plan to better the lives of others with disabilities. My family and I were very blessed to have the support of our extended family, friends, and the Jacksonville community

"Every day in life we are presented with choices. What we do with those choices determines who we are in life. I can't change what happened to me but with the right choices I can change the lives of others. We all have a purpose in life and true success comes when we realize our purpose. I think the two most important days in our lives are the day we were born and the day we realize why we were born. I now have a vision and a purpose and with the grace of God I have strength, courage and determination. Thank you and God bless you and all those less fortunate than us." ...JT Townsend

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Thank you Dixie Egg Company for your generous donation!

JT Townsend Foundation Receives Generous Donation To Continue to Help Families Living with Disabilities on the First Coast October 2, 2014 – Ponte Vedra, Fla. – JT Townsend Foundation is pleased to announce that we’ve recently received a generous donation to continue our work in helping families living with disabilities. The JT Townsend Foundation continues to focus its efforts to helping children and adults living with disabilities receive adaptive equipment and resources to improve their lives. As of September 2014, JT Townsend Foundation can now assist even more families on the First Coast thanks to a generous donation from Dixie Egg Company.

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Thank you Dixie Egg Company for your generous donation!

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