What does the JT Townsend Foundation do?

The late JT Townsend and his team of passionate supporters has taken a dream and turned it into a reality. What started as a wish to repay a community that wrapped their arms around an Episcopal High School senior who found himself in a life threatening medical situation has grown into a full fledged not for profit organization dedicated to seeking out and assisting others in the Jacksonville area in similar situations.

JT Townsend Foundation has already provided 211 families with $430K in adaptive equipment, financial assistance and funded spinal cord research thru Shepherd Center in Atlanta. We need YOUR help in locating others who can use our assistance AND we need your support in terms of donations of your time, your talent and your treasures.

Offer to volunteer. Make a donation. Hold a fund-raising event. Become involved. The ways to help are only limited by your creativity! Call us today with your idea. We will help you to put your dream into action.

JT Townsend Foundation staff continues to dream of a day when we can give back to countless others through the success and hard work of this foundation. But most of all, from our deep gratitude for the generous community of Jacksonville that the Townsend family holds so dear.

Help JT’s legacy continue . Live like JT. Donate today.

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