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JTTF Helps Nate stand tall!

Nathaniel “Nate” Cunningham needs an adaptive piece of equipment to help him stand tall just like his brother Jake.

The JT Townsend Foundation wants to made this happen. We hosted a marathon to raise $3500.00 to purchase the stander, 35” wheels and tray Nate needs to improve his life.

Nate, a local Jacksonville area boy was helped by The JT Townsend Foundation when the community answered JT’s call to make this request a reality!

When we delivered the stander, Nate and his family were very excited. This meant Nate could go along with the rest of his family to watch his older brother play baseball. And, for the first time ever he could stand and look his brother in the eyes.

The stander brings a little bit of normalcy to the family.

Thank you for supporting “JT gives back”.

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“Nate the Great” standing tall

JT Townsend arrived in the afternoon at the Mandarin home of 12 year old Nate Cunningham excited to meet his new friend in person. Just one day before, JT’s Foundation delivered a Rifton Dynamic Stander to Nate’s home. This stand-up wheeler will allow Nate to improve his core strength and reach a new level of movement when he masters turning the wheels with his hands.

Nate was born three months premature and lives with Cerebral Palsy. But, this doesn’t keep him from wanting to play with his brother Jake and Nate’s friends.’ The stander will allow him to look his brother and his friends straight in the eye.” said Noel Losco, his Mother. “It will open up a whole new world for Nate.” she added.

JT was pleased to provide this amazing high-tech wheeler that will help Nate to strengthen muscles he has never used and add a level of independence to his day-to-day activities.

“It was so good to see Nate smiling and see the excitement this has given him.” Said JT Townsend. “Nate truly is GREAT!”

The JT Townsend Foundation, Inc. is working to improve the lives of disabled children and adults on the First Coast . If you need help or know of someone who does, please visit our page HOW TO GET HELP and apply today.

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