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The Delp’s say a prayer for JT…

In late 2010, JT Townsend visited the home of Luther and Debbie Delp to deliver an adaptive piece of equipment that would improve their life considerably. This was significant because it was the first allocation made by JTTF. It was the beginning of JT’s legacy.

This piece of equipment was a stationary glider. The glider could not only raise Luther up to a standing position, which he said  “makes me feel like a big boy”, it would also allow him to exercise the muscles in his arms and legs as well as maintain good circulation right in the comfort of his own living room.’ It will allow him to look people straight in the eye.’ says his loving wife and nurse Debbie.

On March 6th, 2009, Luther, a vibrant 61 year old man was sitting on his motorcycle at a red light when he was hit from behind. He was thrown 75′ in the air and landed on the hood of another car at the traffic light. His ribs were broken, his nose broken, his lung was punctured and he was left paralyzed from the waist down. He was near death from loss of blood. But Debbie says, God had other plans for Luther .

After 4 surgeries and many prayers, Luther pulled through amazingly with little pain. His positive attitude is inspiring. Since his accident Luther’s wife Debbie has nursed him herself. She has taken complete care of him. She has had to transport Luther, rain or shine, to his out patient rehabilitation center 5 days a week for 6 hours per visit. This meant she would need to wait for Luther to complete his rehabilitation before she could return home.

Luther could use additional pieces of equipment such as an FES Bike, as well as a Nustep. His medical bills continue to be absorbed by the Delp’s personally as the person who hit him had no insurance to cover them . But, they know God will continue to provide.

Debbie Delp reads a prayer she wrote especially for this day
Debbie Delp reads a prayer she wrote especially for this day

Debbie Delp wrote this and read it to JT the day the glider was presented to Luther:

Debbie Delp reads a prayer she wrote especially for this day.

“JT, Lord, be between you and me forever.

Lord I thank you for our new friend.

Bless and keep him, this special person you created

And filled with qualities that have meant so much to us.

Thank you for all the times we shared.

Thank you for JT’s gift from the heart.

Bless our friendship.

Thank you for caring and providing so well for us all.


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What does the JT Townsend Foundation do?

The late JT Townsend and his team of passionate supporters has taken a dream and turned it into a reality. What started as a wish to repay a community that wrapped their arms around an Episcopal High School senior who found himself in a life threatening medical situation has grown into a full fledged not for profit organization dedicated to seeking out and assisting others in the Jacksonville area in similar situations.

JT Townsend Foundation has already provided 211 families with $430K in adaptive equipment, financial assistance and funded spinal cord research thru Shepherd Center in Atlanta. We need YOUR help in locating others who can use our assistance AND we need your support in terms of donations of your time, your talent and your treasures.

Offer to volunteer. Make a donation. Hold a fund-raising event. Become involved. The ways to help are only limited by your creativity! Call us today with your idea. We will help you to put your dream into action.

JT Townsend Foundation staff continues to dream of a day when we can give back to countless others through the success and hard work of this foundation. But most of all, from our deep gratitude for the generous community of Jacksonville that the Townsend family holds so dear.

Help JT’s legacy continue . Live like JT. Donate today.

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Smiling faces

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Check these pictures taken yesterday at the San Pablo home of 3 year old Jack Hutchinson when JT arrived at his home to deliver a piece of adaptive equipment.

It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson
It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson

It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson

Mom Erin was also happy to see JT arrive with the shower and toileting system that will enable Jack to sit in the shower without having to be held. “Most health insurance policies do not cover many of the pieces of equipment available to help patients and caregivers live a more normal life.- says J.T. Townsend, who was suddenly paralyzed in a football play in 2004, his senior year at Episcopal School. “If we can help to make a difference in Jack’s life to make him feel just a little bit independent, then it is a good thing.”

Little Jack seemed to enjoy the visit with JT and his Mother, Carmen Townsend yesterday. The smiles tell us he is one happy little guy!

Blessings to Jack and the entire Hutchinson family from the staff at JTTF! Please click on the link nest to the picture to see the full story.


Jack ready for school
Jack ready for school
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