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JTTF Helps Nate stand tall!

Nathaniel “Nate” Cunningham needs an adaptive piece of equipment to help him stand tall just like his brother Jake.

The JT Townsend Foundation wants to made this happen. We hosted a marathon to raise $3500.00 to purchase the stander, 35” wheels and tray Nate needs to improve his life.

Nate, a local Jacksonville area boy was helped by The JT Townsend Foundation when the community answered JT’s call to make this request a reality!

When we delivered the stander, Nate and his family were very excited. This meant Nate could go along with the rest of his family to watch his older brother play baseball. And, for the first time ever he could stand and look his brother in the eyes.

The stander brings a little bit of normalcy to the family.

Thank you for supporting “JT gives back”.

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Smiling faces

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Check these pictures taken yesterday at the San Pablo home of 3 year old Jack Hutchinson when JT arrived at his home to deliver a piece of adaptive equipment.

It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson
It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson

It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson

Mom Erin was also happy to see JT arrive with the shower and toileting system that will enable Jack to sit in the shower without having to be held. “Most health insurance policies do not cover many of the pieces of equipment available to help patients and caregivers live a more normal life.- says J.T. Townsend, who was suddenly paralyzed in a football play in 2004, his senior year at Episcopal School. “If we can help to make a difference in Jack’s life to make him feel just a little bit independent, then it is a good thing.”

Little Jack seemed to enjoy the visit with JT and his Mother, Carmen Townsend yesterday. The smiles tell us he is one happy little guy!

Blessings to Jack and the entire Hutchinson family from the staff at JTTF! Please click on the link nest to the picture to see the full story.


Jack ready for school
Jack ready for school
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Dreams do come true Zach..

A short time ago the foundation was approached by a Mother of twin twenty year olds. Both boys have medical conditions. Zach lives with Cerebral Palsy. His muscles grow stiff when they are not exercised regularly causing him to live in constant pain.

Zach’s Mother Karen asked us to help them in a unique way. The pool heater had quit warming their outdoor pool which was the main source of exercise for Zach, aquatic therapy. “Zachery is able to do activities in the water that he can not do on land. But the water must be warm to reduce his spasticity.” said Karen. “A pool heater would make a world of difference for him to stay healthy and out of pain.” Zach’s physical therapist suggested they contact JTTF for help. With the help of the local Pinch A Penny dealership we were able to replace the old heater with a new one.

When we receive an application we find the people are usually left with no means of obtaining the equipment they desperately need. Most of the time they have exhausted insurance requests and really don’t know which way to turn. Adaptive equipment is expensive. Imagine adding unlimited medical expenses to your monthly budget to care for one or more of your children or family members. These families are strong and compassionate and deserving of help.

JT Townsend recalls being in that situation. He also remembers how the entire community came to his aid. His dream of repaying the community is a reality and now he is doing his best to give back. Through fund raising events JT Townsend and his Foundation have helped over 10 families in it’s short one and a half year existence.

Won’t you do your part to help us to help others? Please find it in your heart to donate today. Every dollar makes a difference and you will be blessed by your generosity.

Dear JT Townsend Foundation,

I would like to thank you for the pool heater, it has made my life a lot easier and more fun. When I get in the pool, my legs loosen up, and it makes my whole body feel much better. It has made a huge impact on my spasticity. My body is able to do many more things in the water that I am unable to do on land. Even my baby sister can hold me when I am in the pool. I especially love doing the backstroke. Since you have donated the pool heater, I have a new dream of being in the Paralympics. Without the pool heater I was unable to do many movements with my body that I am now able to do. Being in the pool makes me feel awesome and I can’t thank you enough!

With Love and Many Thanks,

Zachary Fellin

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