Some gifts help Grand-Mom’s too…

Beautiful Dawn Boles lives with seizures and a condition, Osteogensis Imperfecta von Willebrands, that causes her brittle bones to fracture leaving her living in casts much of the time.

Dawn lives with her Grandmother, her full time guardian and caregiver. Dawn’s Grandmother has a difficult time lifting her due to the additional weight of the casts. After meeting Kathy Smoot, another family we were able to help, Kathy suggested they contact JTTF for help.

JTTF was able to provide a Bruno Tourney Lift custom installed in the Boles’ Suburban which insurance had denied. The lift has a transition seat that Dawn slides into from wheelchair. The seat then hydraulically lifts and turns into the passenger position in the vehicle. This eliminates difficultly lifting and provides a safer transition for Dawn.

JT Townsend will visit Dawn and her Grandmother this week to see the lift and to introduce himself to the Boles family. The Boles will join the other 21 families we have helped and hopefully enjoy the support our organization is giving to all disabled living on the First Coast whom we have been honored to help.

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