One in every 2000 births

Five month old Grayson Smith was born with Saggital Craniolsynostosis a condition which unchecked could result in mental impairment, seizures and many developmental impairments. The skull of an infant is made up of several boney plates that protect the brain during birth and slowly close by the time a baby is 2 or 3. When this condition is present, the closure of the skull has occurred prematurely causing pressure on the brain that can cause developmental problems and often a misshapen head.

In order for Grayson’s surgery to be successful, he needed to wear a customized remolding helmet immediately after surgery. The helmet must be worn 23 hours per day for as long as one year. The cost of the helmet is significant and insurance companies view the surgery as “cosmetic” and have denied coverage in this case.

A therapist at Wolfson Children’s Hospital suggested the Smith’s contact The JT Townsend Foundation for help.

“We immediately went into action.” Said J.T. Townsend about the phone call he received from Grayson’s Mother. He instructed Mrs. Smith to complete the Application for Assistance from the JTTF website and email or fax it in. She did this and within 48 hours she was assured the helmet would be paid for by the foundation allowing her to focus on Grayson’s recovery rather than how she would find the funds to pay for the helmet.

Thanks to YOUR donations, we are able to help families like the Smiths’ when insurance denies something so important to their babies development and their families future.

Thanks for helping JT give back!

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