How a simple table made life easier…

Hey Team JTTF,

Once again we have made a family’s life a little more easier and today I got to do the best part of the foundatiion. I met and visited the 13 year old Jacob Dawson and his lovely parents Todd and Heather to give them a bedside table they applied for because with Jacob not being able feed himself they needed something to slide under his bed. If you recall from the website Jacob was dignosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and at age 10 he lost his ability to walk. The Dawson family also just recently recieved their wheelchair accecible van which we helped get by making a donation and having the money drive for, which you can see behind us in the pictures attached. We sat and talked for about a hour in a half and this family was so thankful for what we have done, his father teary eyed while speaking thanked me multiple times and his mother also expressed her gratitude. Jacob is a big star wars fan and proceeded to give me a tour of his room which consist of many star wars collectibles, and xbox games that he loved to play. So now I have two things that I have to learn more about which is the Disney Channel for little Emily and star wars for Jacob lol. He and I sat in his room for about 35 minutes just talking about a lot of things and he had plenty questions for me. He is a delightful young man who is staying positive and has a great outlook on life. Judi, Heather loves you and can’t wait to meet you, she says she hasn’t met you but feels as if she knows you already plus Todd would love to meet Fred so hopefully we can make that happen. So once again thank you guys so much for what you do for the JTTF. We are definitely changing lives which is what the foundation is all about.

JT Townsend Jr.

The Dawson Family meets JT Townsend, Jr.
The Dawson Family meets JT Townsend, Jr.
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