JTTF Helps Nate stand tall!

Nathaniel “Nate” Cunningham needs an adaptive piece of equipment to help him stand tall just like his brother Jake.

The JT Townsend Foundation wants to made this happen. We hosted a marathon to raise $3500.00 to purchase the stander, 35” wheels and tray Nate needs to improve his life.

Nate, a local Jacksonville area boy was helped by The JT Townsend Foundation when the community answered JT’s call to make this request a reality!

When we delivered the stander, Nate and his family were very excited. This meant Nate could go along with the rest of his family to watch his older brother play baseball. And, for the first time ever he could stand and look his brother in the eyes.

The stander brings a little bit of normalcy to the family.

Thank you for supporting “JT gives back”.

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