Where Will Your Money Go?

1) Luther Delp , a 61- years old , paralyzed from the waist down due to a car hitting him on his motorcycle as he was sitting at a traffic-light, and sending him 75 feet into the air. He landed on the roof of another car. JTTF gave him a stationary glider to maintain muscle tone and prevent atrophy. Fittingly JT himself donated this piece of adaptive equipment. Unsure of the value but approximated at $10K Delivered 5/20/11.

2) Nate Cunningham, “Nate the Great”, is a 12 -year old boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. We purchased a new Rifton Dynamic Stander for Nate at a cost of $2988.00. So he could look his brother in the eyes when they play.10/19/11

4) Maria Reid is a 20 -year old nurses aid was beaten by a patient and suffered nerve damage to her left leg. She is unable to walk on the leg. We provided a motorized wheelchair for her that was donated to us by Dr. Kristine Henderson (Valued at $10K) whom we met at the 2011 Putt N Crawl. 12/8/12

5) Melissa Young is 36 years old and has a T-12 spinal cord injury from an accident. She received a Jazzy Six Ultra Power Wheelchair, walker and a regular wheelchair all donated by Timothy and Michelle Moore. (Value $10K) 12/15/11

6) Jack Hutchinson is a 3- year old boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. JTTF donated a brand new “Rifton -Delivered on 3/7/12 with a cost of $1202.

7) Zach Fellin is one of a set of 20 -year old twins who were born prematurely and suffering from cerebral palsy. The pool heater went out and the parents could not afford to replace it. Zach has severe spasticity and is in constant pain. The warm aquatic therapy reduces his pain and allows movement. The pool heater also helps Grandma and brother Justin with their CP and Arthritis and was a true blessing to the family. The pool heater cost $3889. And was installed 3/31/12 We later included a new Roller and solar blanket for $315.

8) Harold Banks is a 69 year old gentleman who was given a pair of forearm crutches for $50.18 on 4/24/1

9) Emily Smoot’s parents were given a custom fitted “Glide N Go” transfer lift for their van to help lift Emily to her passenger seat at a cost of $5350. On 6/15/12. Emily is the Smoot’s second child they took as infants from a NIC Unit Hospice for crack babies. Both children were adopted by this early 80’s age couple and now are in their teens.

10) Christy Corum is a 23-year old girl in need of an FES bike for electronic stimulation and hydraulic movement of her limbs. Christy suffered a spinal cord injury from an accident on an ATV when she was 10 leaving her as a quad. JTTF gave $14K toward the purchase of an upper and lower body bike on 6/12/12

11) Aubrey Stewart is a 16-year old who suffered a T-7 paraplegia and traumatic Brain injury when a large tree limb fell on him 6/27/11. We delivered a hospital bed from Stryker Medical for approximately $4810. With a value of $8K. His visit from JT made a big impact as he suffers from deep depression.

12) Christopher Howell is a 21- year old quadriplegic due to an auto accident and broken neck in September 2011. He needed a “Sleep Number Bed” which we delivered 6/15/12 at a cost of $3435.37.

13) Tyrone Nealy is a 39- year old stroke patient who applied for a hospital bed, but his Mother got one for him before we could find one. However, he and his fiance’ (his caregiver) were facing having electricity shut-off. They have applied to Social Services and will not receive any assistance until July. We paid the electric bill of $424.28 on 6/12/12

14) Zach Fellin -See story above of pool heater.) Pool Solar Blanket and reel to maintain heat in pool from previously installed pool heater. $314.98 on 6/13/12

15) Syaric Simmons, age 11 suffers with CP and needed a lift to help her Mother to transfer her to the van. We were able to provide a Silver Star Backpacker Inside Lift for $900.

16) Makayla Ovalles is a 2 year-old CP patient who needed a swivel walker for $1182.51,which we were able to provide. The visit from JT and his mother Carmen inspired the entire family as they discussed their medical milestones and compared what the doctors said the children would NOT be able to do, but what they are actually doing now and how faith plays in important role in recovery. 7/28/12

17) Matthew Alvarez is 3 years old and needs to enter an Intensive Children’s Therapy Program. We were able to provide $1500 toward the tuition for this program on 8/6/12

18) Don Hall is 59 and is a T4-5 Paraplegic Complete. He has a serious skin ulcer from 2011 that will not heal. He requires skin flap surgery but needs domestic help as he lives alone to allow him to heal. We were able to provide $1600 to cover the cost of domestic help for two months while he recovers on 8/6/12.

19) Jacob Dawson is 13 years old. He was diagnosed with Duchennes MD at age 5. At age 10 he was bound to a wheelchair. He recently underwent a serious spinal surgery and is recovering in his bed. We provided $1680, donation for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van. And, we were able to provide a hospital table so he could do his homework $139. His Dad is his caregiver and unable to work and Mom works at Amelia Island Hotels so their financial burdens are ongoing. 9/11/12

20) Isaiah Holland is a 40 year old man who suffers from scoliosis caused by one leg being 4 and ½ inches shorter than the other. We were able to provide a paid of orthopedic shoes which are very expensive. These shoes will help him to work with less pain than without the proper shoes to help his condition. 10/3/12

21) Grayson Willis is a 20 year old with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. He needed an Extreme Headmouse and Computer Bundle so he could communicate using his computer. The package cost was $2119.19 and will arrive for delivery by JT 10/30/12.

22) Little 4 year old Cooper Logan lives with Downs Syndrome. He is having difficulty emotionally as he is unable to communicate his needs. His speech therapist started working with “Coop” with applications on an I-Pad. He is able to communicate thru these apps. We provided an I-Pad that was donated with an approximate value of $400. JT delivered the I-Pad on 10/22/12

23) Dawn Boles is a 13 year old girl who has seizures and a condition called Osteogensis Imperfecta which causes her bones to break very easily. She lives her life often in heavy plaster casts. This also makes it difficult for her Grandmother who was awarded custody of Dawn at 8 mos. of age. She is alone caring for Dawn and their needs are many. We have been able to help them with a used Tourney Lift for their van. This is presently in the process of being custom installed for approximately $5000. Van is being converted as we speak..)

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