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Partnership Information:
JT Townsend Foundation is sensitive to the challenges facing many local non-profit organizations and the importance of clearly stating where each donor dollar goes. Therefore, we are seeking sponsors to help pay the growing expenses of our non-profit. That way we can assure our donors that 100% of each dollar will go directly to our recipients.

Our BOD is 100% volunteer.  But, as we grow, so do our responsibilities to maintain client service and a level of professionalism that is expected of a large corporation.

Tommy & judi Zitiello

“Our donations have increased annually and we have been blessed to be able to financially handle the applications that continue to flow in. But, we have only scratched the surface. The disabled community needs a place to come when it seems they have hit a dead end with insurance and medicaid denial. We want to be that oasis. We want to be able to bring these families the relief they need.”

Judi Zitiello

Our application flow has increased significantly. To date, we have helped 220 families with more than $440,000. in adaptive equipment, financial assistance and funded spinal cord injury research. But, our list of active applications is growing as well. The costs of these pieces of equipment are significant.

If you are a corporation or an individual who is in a position to provide a large sponsorship to show the First Coast Community that you care deeply, please contact the JT Townsend Foundation and arrange to meet with a board member to discuss how we may be able to partner. They can be reached at 904.373.0737.

Thank you for all you do every day for others.

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