Read how JT has given back

Smiling faces

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Check these pictures taken yesterday at the San Pablo home of 3 year old Jack Hutchinson when JT arrived at his home to deliver a piece of adaptive equipment. It was a happy meeting for JT and little Jack Hutchinson Mom Erin was also happy to see JT arrive with the shower and toileting system that will enable Jack to sitRead More

UNF Spinnaker tells about student JT Townsend and his foundation

Dargen Thompson, writer at the University of North Florida’s newspaper The Spinnaker tells the compelling story of UNF senior J.T. Townsend and how he has taken his life threatening incident and turned it into good. Now J.T. is giving back to others living in the community that now need his help. Visit:

Answering the call

There are many occasions lately where God’s divine intervention is so clear I have to stop and just lift my eyes to acknowledge His presence. One of those times happened April 20, 2012 while picking up a pair of forearm crutches for one of our applicants at a medical supply store. We were waiting in the entrance for our salesman to reappear. An elderly man with a kind smile wasRead More

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