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The Delp’s say a prayer for JT…

In late 2010, JT Townsend visited the home of Luther and Debbie Delp to deliver an adaptive piece of equipment that would improve their life considerably. This was significant because it was the first allocation made by JTTF. It was the beginning of JT’s legacy. This piece of equipment was a stationary glider. The glider could not only raise Luther up to a standing position, which he said  “makes me feelRead More

JTTF Helps Nate stand tall!

Nathaniel “Nate” Cunningham needs an adaptive piece of equipment to help him stand tall just like his brother Jake. The JT Townsend Foundation wants to made this happen. We hosted a marathon to raise $3500.00 to purchase the stander, 35” wheels and tray Nate needs to improve his life. Nate, a local Jacksonville area boy was helped by The JT Townsend Foundation when the community answered JT’s call to make this requestRead More

What does the JT Townsend Foundation do?

The late JT Townsend and his team of passionate supporters has taken a dream and turned it into a reality. What started as a wish to repay a community that wrapped their arms around an Episcopal High School senior who found himself in a life threatening medical situation has grown into a full fledged not for profit organization dedicated to seeking out and assisting others in the Jacksonville area in similarRead More

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