One in every 2000 births

Five month old Grayson Smith was born with Saggital Craniolsynostosis a condition which unchecked could result in mental impairment, seizures and many developmental impairments. The skull of an infant is made up of several boney plates that protect the brain during birth and slowly close by the time a baby is 2 or 3. When this condition is present, the closure of the skull has occurred prematurely causing pressure onRead More

Pro-Bono Event at Bogey Grille A Success!

Last Saturday night the great local rock band Pro Bono played to a standing only crowd at Ponte Vedra Beaches family sports-bar Bogey Grille. The event was held to support the newly formed JT Townsend Foundation. Bogey Grille donated ten percent of food sales plus donations from the patrons were accepted from the supportive crowd. Tommy Zitiello of Funk’s Punks explained the idea behind “JTTF”. He told the story ofRead More

Recently paralyzed?

The Reeve Foundation Spinal Cord Injury – Paralysis Resource Center periodically offers  a FREE online Webinar – Check the Christopher Reeves website for more information. “Becoming paralyzed is a sudden and jarring life experience that changes the course of one’s life. At first it is all but impossible to form a vision of what that life will be, of a path towards a future that is satisfying, much less meaningful. Yet,Read More

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