Answering the call

There are many occasions lately where God’s divine intervention is so clear I have to stop and just lift my eyes to acknowledge His presence. One of those times happened April 20, 2012 while picking up a pair of forearm crutches for one of our applicants at a medical supply store. We were waiting in the entrance for our salesman to reappear. An elderly man with a kind smile was talking with his tiny framed wife about an item they were interested in purchasing, a transition board. I mentioned I had recently purchased one and we began to interact. They said they were not sure that was what they needed. The item they really needed was a hydraulic lift for their van. But they said the cost was beyond their reach. As I told them I might be able to help and explained about our foundation the little Mrs. excitedly wrapped her arms around me and shuffled me out the door to their parked van.

Once outside we walked over to the van and she explained about a custom lift designed to help transition a person seated in their wheelchair to the van rear passenger seat about 30″ above. She explained she was having difficulty lifting their 13 year old daughter who suffers with spina bifida and her elderly husband had serious medical issues and could not help. Again, I told her I was pretty sure we could help them.

Bob and Kathy Smoot , 79 and 72 are adoptive parents of 18 year old Dakota and 13 year old Emily. Both children were adopted as infants with serious medical issues, quite frankly, not expected to survive. She began to tell me a beautiful story of how they became foster parents to over 150 children once their own children had graduated from college and left their large Arkansas farmhouse. These were two of God’s angels standing right before me.

After Kathy completed the application process our team went to work finding a competitive bid on a “Glide N Go” for their family van. The piece is going to take 5 weeks to customize, but should be installed mid-June.

Thanks to your support we are able to help Kathy to be able to take Emily wherever she needs to go without strain on her back.

Do you hear God’s calling? Do you feel that little tug on your heart when He places someone in your path who could use your help? The Smoot’s found the joy and gratification that comes from doing just that. They are amazing people who I am blessed to have met.

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