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A story of “God given” determination

Christopher Howell taps into his mental and physical strength each day determined to return his body to the physical state it was just nine months ago when an auto accident left him with a broken neck at C-5 and paralyzed.

This twenty-one year old Auburndale man was only able to shrug his shoulders after surgery. But after five weeks at Brooks Hospital and eight months of out-patient rehabilitation he now has limited use of both hands and some movement in both legs.

He and his Mother Terrie have moved into a Jacksonville apartment so he can continue his occupational therapy. The encouragement and help from his physical therapists have given Christopher hope that he can improve his mobility.

Christopher and his Mother have formed friendships with other patients at Brooks Rehabilitation Center. One family had received help from The JT Townsend Foundation and shared their story with the Howell’s.

Christophers’ Physical Therapist suggested they purchase a special mattress that would enable him to practice his mobility by rolling over, long sitting and dressing. The mattress allows him to change the setting to firm for his mobility exercises and softer for sleeping.

The Howells’ reached out to JTTF and we were able to provide the special mattress Christopher needed.

Thank you to all of the loyal supporters and contributors of JTTF. Your dollars are truly helping to make a difference.

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