JT Townsend Foundation Receives Generous Donation

JT Townsend Foundation Receives Generous Donation To Continue to Help Families Living with Disabilities on the First Coast October 2, 2014 – Ponte Vedra, Fla. – JT Townsend Foundation is pleased to announce that we’ve recently received a generous donation to continue our work in helping families living with disabilities. The JT Townsend Foundation continues to focus its efforts to helping children and adults living with disabilities receive adaptive equipment and resources to improve their lives.

As of September 2014, JT Townsend Foundation can now assist even more families on the First Coast thanks to a generous donation from Dixie Egg Company. When Dixie Egg Company learned of the need here on the First Coast, they immediately stepped up to the plate to help. Dixie Egg Company prides itself on caring for community and made a strong commitment to helping the JT Townsend Foundation to continue its great work.

“We are grateful to Dixie Egg Company for their generous support and their donation is coming at a critical time when the need is so significant in our community. And with the holidays approaching we are hopeful that others will support our JT Townsend Foundation so we can continue to help those in need,” said Judi Zitiello, Chairperson, JT Townsend Foundation.

As part of Dixie Egg Company’s corporate mission, they are dedicated to helping to enrich the communities where they live and work and they have a longstanding priority to contribute to giving back.

“It’s wonderful to feel that we are helping the families that have reached out to JT Townsend Foundation, but I truly hope this encourages others in the area to do the same because there is a huge need to help our disabled community,” said Jacques Klempf, President.

“My daughters were profoundly affected by JT’s incident as they witnessed it on the field in 2004 and they were so moved that it has forever touched me as well.”

“We know that our support will really help JT Townsend Foundation provide families with the equipment and resources they desperately need to improve their lives,” added Klempf.

JT Townsend Foundation is currently accepting donations and support at www.jttownsendfoundation.org.

JT Townsend Foundation JT Townsend, the foundation’s founder, suffered a spinal cord injury playing football for his high school team, Episcopal High School, on October 8, 2004, in a game against Bishop Kenny High School. Despite his injury, JT made great strides including starting his own foundation, JTTF, to give back to those in the community who provided support for him in his time of need. In April 2013, JT graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Sport Management. Unfortunately six weeks later, JT suddenly passed away on June 5, 2013 at the age of 26. His foundation continues his legacy of giving back and paying forward. In three years of its existence, JTTF has helped 128 families in Northeast Florida with over $290,000 for adaptive equipment and financial assistance. With your help his legacy will live on through his foundation and continue to help families on the First Coast.

Dixie Egg Company

Since 1948, Dixie Egg Company has been producing and distributing fresh shell eggs to customers in the Southeastern U.S. and a variety of locations around the globe. With over three million hens in operations in South Georgia, the company is one of the largest egg producers in the country, marketing over a billion eggs per year. Dixie Egg Company is dedicated to giving back and has had a longstanding commitment to contributing to charitable programs on the First Coast.

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